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Nepali music industries is day by day getting Improved within few years. Pop songs in Nepal originated in mid 60s itself with singers like Om Bikram Bista, Harish and even Kumar Basnet. With expection of few notable songs, POP songs (even called western music) couldn't make its presence felt due to heavy dominance of modern songs both by old and new generations of those days. It wasn't untill early 90's when Crossroad made their debut with Naya Mode, the second generation of Pop music amazingly rose to its pinnacle. With Maya Meri Maya, Sanjay Shrestha and his band brought new wave in the music industry. Following the bagdwon were Sanjeep Pradhan, Bhim Tuladhar, Babin Pradhan, Nepathya, Deepak Bajracharya and many more. People were experimenting everthing, from soulful blues, jazz, regge to current hip-hop. Kaliprashad, well known lyricsit of Nepal quotes, todays song do have catchy enough tunes but are very low in content. Download some songs _ Recently Updated ( opens in new window ) Aafnai Desh Pyaro Basa Sundari Chaubandi cholo Aaideu Aaideu Haami Sangai Dream Thang KaliloTamaLai Kanchi Hey Kanchi Ma Pyar Bechidinchu Dhalkena Dhalkena Maya Jalai Ma Sirima Siri Mechi Dekhi Mahakali Onslaught-Gorkhali G Friends Thikai Chha Suna Suna Sanam (Remix) Teenpaate Timro Tyo Hasilo (remix) Timi Yesai Lajayo Kursi Maakurako Jaal Purano Gaun Kya Bore Bhayo


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