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RamKrishna Dhakal | Nepali songs By Ramkrishna

Watch this famous song of Ramkrishna Dhakal (actor of this song)

Ramkrishna Dhakal is a very famous young musical artist or more specifically a singer (of modern-flavored songs) from Nepal. He started his musical carrier since his early childhood by singing famous songs by Narayan Gopal - also known as Swor-samrat. During his early period he struggled by singing amongst his group but after he got a break he established himself as one of the best Nepali singers. He rose to fame with his song "Orali lageko harin ko chhal bho". As a small kid, he used to sing at social functions and events. People were impressed by his singing ability and voice . He modelled his singing style after Narayan Gopal; Dhakal acknowledges that he is a big fan of the late maestro. It would be fair to say that he benefitted from the void left by Narayan Gopal's death. People were looking for some one to fill the void. In fact, they were looking for the next Narayan Gopal. He has been successful so far.

Here are some Famous songs By him . You can download them.
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१ छानी छानी लाग्यो रुख पहिरोले ...... २ दैब तेरो मायाको खेलाले
३ चरिले त छाडेर गैगयो गैगयो ......४ दिलको कुरा नगर दिलमाया
५ बाचा तोडें कसम नि तोडें ...... ६ आजलाई यतिकै भो
७ झरना भई झर्दै आउ ...... ८ हिरा काट्ने हिरैमा राखेर
९ आउछु भनी पापिनिले ......१० आँसु देउ या हाँसो
११ कहिले वारी कहिले त पारी ...... १२ कहाँ बाट जिन्दगीले यहाँ सम्म
१३ मान्छे कती स्वार्थी हुन्छ ...... १४ मलाई यो जिन्दगीले कहाँ पुर्यायो
१५ कस्तो जिन्दगी पाए ......१६ माया गर्नेको चोखो माया
१७ नजिक आउनुमा ...... १८ रोएर बसौकी खरानी घसौकि
१९ सुन पगाल्न भन्दा धेरै गार्हो ...... २० तिम्रो आगमनले फेरी
२१ तिम्रोलागी ज्यान दिन्छु ...... २२ टुटि गयो रहर मेरो
२३ युगौँ युग बाँच तिमी ...... २४ यो ज्यानले रोज्यो तिमीलाई
२५ तिम्रो याद आउँदा अचेल ...... २६ अझै पनि लजाउछौ
२७ कहिले छायाँ सँग लडे ......२८ कस्को अब फेरी
२९ मन पराउने हजार भेटिन्छन् ...... ३० मैले बोल्नै भएन
३१ ओराली लागेको हरिणको चाल भो ...... ३२ थाहा छैन
३३ थोरै थोरै रिस अनी ...... ३४ यो एउटा सडकको कथा हो


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