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Nepali Folk Songs | Download Nepali lok geet

After a long gap , with your love and comments here we have collected some nepali folk songs for downloads in mp3 format. enjooy downloading nepali mp3 songs.

Download Nepali Folk Songs Below:

Nepali nepal ko maya chha ki chhaina - Gopal Yonjan - Download here

katar katar ma - Ram Thapa - Download here

euta manchhe ko maya le kati - Narayan Gopal - Download here

pohor saal khusi faatyo -Aruna Lama - Download here

ghumti ma naau hai - PremDhoj Pradhan - Download here

Tihar Dhun (Deusi,Bhailo) - Download here

Mangal Dhun - Download here

jaha chhan buddha ka aakha - bhaktaraj acharya - Download here

ek din maile prabhu sanga sodhe - bhaktaraj acharya - Download here

Nepalle k garyo malai bhanna chadideu - Download here

baadal banaideu aakar badalna saku - Download here

raato ra chandra surya - gopal yonjan - Download here

saya thari baja - kutumba band (nepali dhun) - Download here

ma marepani mero desh baachirakhos - yogeshwor amatya - Download here

fagat ek najarma - hari prasad rimal - Download here

Ab hamra deshwo me - Gopal Thakur - Download here


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