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Latest Nepali Pop Songs | Download Nepali mp3 Songs

Here is a collection of some Nepali pop songs enjoy downloading..

Aawaz Sanga Sabda Chhaina  :-  _Nagenda Shrestha  :--  Download here
Achanak  :-  Bharat Sitaula  :--  Download here
Barsau Dekhi  :-  Pratima Rajbhandari  :--  Download here
Bayer Botaima Mero   :-  Aja Pachheuri_Agantuk Kharel  :--  Download here
Biti Jane  :-  Kunti Moktan  :--  Download here
Dherai Choti Mare Ma Ta  :-  Shiva Pariyar  :--  Download here
Haasi Rahanu Sadhai Timi  :-  Anil Singh  :--  Download here
Kasko Shristi  :-  _Milan Shrestha  :--  Download here
Oe Nakkale  :-  Reshma Sunuwar  :--  Download here
Pahilo Patra  :-  Dipesh Kishor Bhattarai  :--  Download here
Pathsalaa  :-  Sugam Pokharel  :--  Download here
Ram Ram Ram  :-  Yogeswor Amatya  :--  Download here
Sunaiko Darabar  :-  Diz Raj Paudel  :--  Download here
Timi Lai Jaba Dekhchhu  :-  Satya Raj Acharya  :--  Download here
Aama Bhanne  :-  Ram Krishna Dhakal  :--  Download here
Yani Maya  :-  Abinash Ghising  :--  Download here


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