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Nepathya | Download Nepali Songs By Nepathya

Watch and download Songs By Famouys Nepali Band Nepathya

Download Nepali Songs bY Nepathya

Aaganai bhari :
Download here (mp3)
Abhabai bhayo Download here (mp3)
Chhekyo chhekyo Download here (mp3)
Himal chuchure Download here (mp3)
Jeevan ho Download here (mp3)
Jomsomai bazzarma Download here (mp3)
Maya garne bani Download here (mp3)
Gandaki ko tiraima Download here (mp3)
Chara Download here (mp3)
Udayo Relaile Download here (mp3)
Ukali Orali Download here (mp3)
Meri sapani hau timi Download here (mp3)
Jharile Rujheko Download here (mp3)
Jeevan yaha Download here (mp3)
Goreto Gaunko Download here(mp3)
Anurodh mero Download here(mp3)
Anubhuti Download here (mp3)
Ainale rupko khilli Download here (mp3)
lampate surati Download here (mp3)
yo jindagani Download here (mp3)
resham Download here (mp3)
naramro sapna Download here (mp3)
bheda ko oon jasto Download here (mp3)
sa karnali Download here (mp3)

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A collection of Famous Songs By Nepthya Band of Nepal. Download these songs for personal use only.
Album - Bhedako Una Jasto Album - Nepathya
Aaija Nidari Aaija_Napathya
Bheda Ko Una Jasto_Nepathya
Choto Geet_Napathya
Maryo Piratile_Nepathya
Rangin Chara_Napathya
Sa Karnali_Nepathya
Sajhama Kaga Karai Rahyo_Nepathya
Sano Kuro Manama Liee_Napathya
Simana Ma_Nepathya
Taal Ko Paani_Nepathya
Yani Maya_Nepathya

Aaganai Bhari_Nepathya
Barasat Ko Mausam_Napathya
Chhekyo Chhekyo_Nepathya
Eklai Eklai Kata Tira_Napathya
Euta Chithi_Napathya
Godhuli Sanjh Ma_Nepathya
He Maya Timilai_Napathya
Lajaune Mayalu_Nepathya
Mardi Khola Tardai_Napathya
Nakkali Kanchhi_Napathya
Sahanai Sangai Aashnu_Napathya
Samhali Dina Aaidiyou Bhane_Napathya
Timro Aagaman Ko_Napathya
Uddaa Uddai Aakash Ma_Napathya
Ujaad Jiwan Ma_Napathya

Album - Min Pachash Ma Ablum - Nepathya 2004

Aina Le Rup Ko Khilli_Napathya
Anurodh Mero_Napathya
Gandaki Ko Tiraima_Napathya
Goreto Gauko_Napathya
Jharile Rujheko_Napathya
Jiwan Yaha_Napathya
Jomsommai Bazarma (Track)_Nepathya
Jomsommai Bazarma_Nepathya
Mero Sapani Hau Timi_Napathya
Udayo Railai Le (Track)_Nepathya
Udayo Railai Le_Nepathya

Aama Edited_Napathya
Aja Bholi Ke Bhayo_Nepathya
Chari Maryo_Nepathya
Ghar Ko Kura_Napathya
Jiwan Ho GhamaChhaya_Nepathya
Khai Kaha_Nepathya
Mai Nache ChhamCham_Nepathya
Maya Garne Bani_Nepathya
Nakkali Nani_Nepathya
Sangai Tyo Himali_Nepathya
Sapana Dekhethe_Nepathya
Ukaali Oraali Chadhdai_Nepathya

Album - Resham


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